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Features and functions of the type of household air cooler

www.eammarsolar.comOne hundred fans has a rate of China's urban residents has reached 200%, while the air conditioner ownership rate is still less than l0%. The formation of such a disparity in the main factor is the price and power consumption. Only the price between the fans and cold air solar water collectors conditioning window machine 300 2,000 yuan a blank, no suitable main cooling fan products to fill. Non-mainstream air cooler patent application is expected heat pipe collector to fill the gaps in our country l0 years since the patent system (1985.4 1995.12) were searched, investigated and more than 200 patent applications. Classification from the point of view of the cold source, the number topped that The water evaporates take heat pipe collectors cold type [accounting for one third), followed by the underground to take cold type, type of semiconductor refrigeration, refrigerator take cold type, low-power air-conditioning, solar cooling, gas cooling and thermal control cold.

Transformation of solar water heater problem: city sales accounted for only a

www.eammarsolar.comLatest data disclosure, solar water heater retail market in 2012, sales accounted for only 10% of the city, the highest in recent years, a record low. Plus on the two giants of the industry has plunged into the the negative whirlpool, triggering concerns solar water heating of many people in the industry on the development of the solar water heater industry in 2013. Industry experts said the defeated cities, accompanied by the entire solar water heater industry has come to a critical period, the solar water heater business transformation and change urgently, otherwise, will be out of the market.

Air source heat pump heating and efficient end technology is worth promoting

www.eammarsolar.comThe use of new energy heating has become a hotspot of research institutes, corporate research, new energy efficient HVAC heat exchanger end technology development, heating technology is maturing, such as solar heating, ground source heat pump heating, air heat pump domestic solar hot water heaters heating new energy heating technology has been rapid development. To air heat pump heating and efficient end universal example here homemade solar collector to illustrate the current state of development in recent years of new energy heating.

Huang Ming: Each industry must be like the Monkey King "war fighting San Fernando

The 11th Chinese enterprises grow hundred Conference held in Beijing on December 9, 2012. Said Mr. Huang Ming, chairman of Himin achievements some life China is not necessarily dependent on others' struggle, but each industry must have such a champion solar geysers of the people to be secure society have vitality. Therefore, I hope that in every Monkey King fighting war similar to San Fernando, so we can hope.

Solar water heater intelligent can escape What is customized

In the solar industry, according to their needs, so that whole business of smart meter products tailored plan their own needs which intelligent features, according to how the building the appearance of how the distinctive characteristics of the enterprises, custom pressure solar water heater instrument not instrument manufacturers and mass production of the instrument.

Solar photovoltaic market: haze reveals a glimmer of the future

Falling prices, overcapacity, Europe and the United States' counter-investigation, the domestic market delays appetite ...... solar photovoltaic industry is in trouble? If 2011 is the solar industry, "late autumn" 2012 is undoubtedly the "winter", 2013 years, will become the solar project solar industry in the spring? Recently, the Future Electronics Energy Division customers exchange meeting in Shanghai, the field of solar energy industry chain solar energy system manufacturers to the future energy path "as the theme, to explore the dynamics of this market and trends. Future Electronics and its solar field work closely with partners Fairchild, sun power, Microchip, AVX corporate executives for the solar water heating exchange will bring a wonderful speech. Subsequently, Future Electronics, Fairchild and sun energy and reporters share their point of view. Solar energy companies "devastated", when the the industry generally bad-mouthing solar market, they are in this market and optimistic attitude, why not?

Ziyang Avenue will become the first solar street lights landscape road in Nanchang

    Recently, the reporter learned from Nanchang low-carbon urban development planning ", Nanchang will build a low-carbon energy system. Which proposed to promote the development and application of new energy such as solar, wind, biomass, shallow geothermal energy, "green energy" to encourage enterprises, institutions, and residential construction applications.

The arrival of Europe and the United States double reverse accelerate PV parity era "

Wuxi influenced by Europe and the United States policy on November 1, the restructuring and development of the PV industry in China in dire straits is imminent. Held in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, China International New Energy Congress on the 1st, and new solar project energy industry experts, and hundreds of business people to explore the "way out" agreed that international trade barriers behind the mentality that developed countries attach importance to foster strategic emerging solar energy system industries, and long-term the overseas "foraging" Chinese enterprises should take this as an solar water heating opportunity, "hardship" in hard skills, welcome the arrival of the "parity era" of the global PV.

Cleaning and life: why electric water heater, solar needs cleaning

    The solar water heater work every day in the state, which is the water temperature in the hot water of about 95 degrees. It and our day-to-day use of the kettle, over a period of time the water heater insulation box liner will bear a lot of scale. These scale will vacuum tubes solar water heater not only affect the normal operation of the solar water heater, and more importantly, is harmful to human body health. This information comes from the people network

2011-2016 global PV installed capacity and market forecast

Europe for many years, has been dominant in the global PV market, but obviously there is a lot of growth potential in the rest of the countries of the world. Due to local and global energy demand to promote the fastest PV growth will continue to be staged in solar project China and India, followed by Southeast Asia, Latin America, the Middle East and North African countries. PV potential of the Sunbelt countries have the same below diesel generators competition in the absence of financial support, and may reach solar energy system a range of 60 to 250GW by 2020, 2030 260 1100GW. With the PV solar water heating industry in 2011 experienced a faster than expected cost reductions in the next decade or more countries will see the growing competitiveness in the PV. New photovoltaic installation of the rest of the world in 2011 accounted for 7.7GW, compared to 2010 the 3.3GW increased more than doubled. 2.2GW of installed capacity in these countries ranked first, the second is the United States 1.9GW, third Japanese 1.3GW. According to all these countries is expected to continue growing in 2012. Australia's PV market is expanding rapidly in 2011, but its growth in the short term by the political conditions. Canada's rate of expansion is slower than expected. Strong market potential in India seems to have begun to take off, 300MW of PV installed there in 2011.



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