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« Zhejiang advance solar and other renewable energy development and utilization Beijing international exhibition in the application of solar pv power saving energy and environmental protection »

International solar experts like professor mandarin send a book to the country

As the only international organizations in gansu, the person in charge of the United Nations industrial development organization, the international solar energy center director, gansu, director of natural energy sources like professor led to assist in mandarin personnel has further dingxi area during robust stability area home the ditch bifurcation village, for the villagers to send his solar use compiled the work, also said it will mobilize domestic and foreign power to help people to become well-off village on the road.

Located in dingxi area during OuDeLu home the ditch settle bifurcation village, is a drought, the hail, the frost, low temperature and natural disasters frequently agricultural village. Especially the drought is given priority to, the village mainly potatoes, livestock grass planting, labor export, dry efficient agriculture and so on four big industries. The whole village 251 households in 57 door was brought into the low object, more than 20% of the subsidies is proof of the crowd of poverty. On that day, the mandarin professor of village presented reference books compiled the direct use of solar energy ",solar hot water systems "and farmers friend about the use of solar energy", "energy conservation and emission reduction and renewable energy knowledge handbook, the passive solar houses with the design of the building", "the solar practical engineering technology", "the 2010 Shanghai world expo low carbon technology application research report" and so on six works, for the whole village farmers contact presented energy-saving lamps cannon, chemical fertilizer.

In the impoverished and simple village, in the face of the development of village cadres and to the villagers, the mandarin said, big bifurcation village on one hand should be based on the most in the ascension of the material and spiritual life quality, on the other hand to search for a few of the farmers have not yet out of poverty poverty reason, implement targeted supporting scheme. "I hope the new energy use and the improvement of the promotion of the production of the farmers' income life style, improve the ability to get rich combined, and strive for a 'out of LianCun partnerships,solar energy and for the people" action as the carrier, clinging to mobilize international and domestic power collaborative research, by the science and technology knowledge service for poverty alleviation and bright symbol of poverty relief road of the well-off society become rich." Xi mandarin said.

Gansu province natural energy a staff quietly told reporters,solar geyser even if the body in foreign xi mandarin also do not forget through the electronic office guidance unit made LianCun partnerships, and for the people clinging to the action plan, sure LianCun unit from "promote harmonious unity villages, new energy resources, to develop the knowledge popularization and application demonstration technical service, improve the safety of drinking water level, medical and health conditions have improved, high quality thoroughbred breeding the transformation, the rural school teacher training, natural ecological environment protection" eight aspects, the breakthrough. It is reported, this unit has combined with the actual demand big bifurcation village formulated the supporting measures and practical project, help the big bifurcation village soon ran to XiaoKangCun.


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