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Advent of quasi-single crystal silicon ingot technology cost photovoltaic industry is expected to break the ice

    Fukushima, the smell of smoke, no doubt to the Chinese nuclear industry cast a shadow over prospects for the development. Go all out to break the bottleneck of photovoltaic industry, technology, and promote the development of new energy sources have been expected for the world.

    March 19, Crystal Dragon Group's Hebei JA Solar Technology Co., Ltd. Tokai self-developed quasi-crystal silicon ingot large technology projects identified by the industry's leading experts. The "world's most advanced photovoltaic products available," the news caused the industry no small vibration. Industry generally believe that this is domestic photovoltaic industry has a "revolutionary" innovation, solar water heater will provide new impetus to industrial development.

    Quasi-monocrystalline silicon ingot technology first.

    From Xiamen University, Tsinghua University and other experts to identify groups of very large grain silicon ingots prospective evaluation of technical research results highly consistent. Identification results: The project area in process technology and equipment are a major breakthrough and originality, with a high conversion efficiency of monocrystalline silicon ingots and polysilicon dual advantages of low attenuation rate, solar collector reached the international advanced level.

    "In fact, low-input is used to obtain high-quality products." As leaders in research and development of the project, the East China Sea JA Solar Technology Co., Ltd. General Manager Professor Huang Xinming's a magical metaphor for visitors to learn that the technology is extremely cost competitive. He calculated that "the cost of 60 dollars with ingot method, after the reform process technology to produce a cost of 160 yuan Czochralski crystal products."

    Comprehensive expert opinion, the results of innovation is "combining the traditional Czochralski silicon and polysilicon ingots technical characteristics, the use of easy to operate, low-cost polysilicon ingots technology to produce high conversion efficiency of quasi-monocrystalline silicon, production a low-cost, high efficiency crystalline silicon cells. "

    JA Solar Co., Ltd. CEO Peng Fang image of the technology for the automotive industry than the "engine", he said, "The current domestic and international competitors in the field yet."

    It is understood that the crystalline silicon because of its rich resources and so is an ideal solar cell material, its performance is stable, mature technology and other advantages, will take longer period of time in the future market advantage. Currently used for crystalline silicon solar cells is mainly Czochralski silicon and polycrystalline silicon ingots.

    Huang Xinming years of the crystal growth and related materials research and testing, he listed a set of data, the battery of its monocrystalline silicon cells with the performance, cost each has its advantages: Laboratory conversion efficiency of silicon cells 25%, large-scale production reached 18%; compared with the single crystal silicon, polycrystalline silicon cell efficiency is slightly lower, about 20% of the laboratory level, large-scale production of about 16.5%. Polycrystalline silicon cell battery and compared the performance of 1% to 2% of the gap, and has obvious advantages in cost.

    Move faster to seize opportunities.

    Do not move faster than thought, it is impossible to grasp market opportunities. Photoelectric conversion efficiency of solar cells increased by one percentage point will mean a substantial increase enterprise competitiveness in the market. More importantly, the problem in China is expected to reverse the high cost of photovoltaic industry dilemma.

    As we all know, the cost of domestic solar photovoltaic cells have been high. The cost of photovoltaic power generation costs are generally several times, and therefore can not cause wide spread and reduce costs is imperative.

    "Will be transplanted to the polysilicon cost advantage of high-performance silicon, the introduction of both the advantages of both new products of crystalline silicon cells." Forward-looking vision of this project is the global PV industry technology gaps. Project preparation from the end of 2009, the first technology to become a research team led by Professor Huang Xinming scale new heights of science and technology.

    He graduated from Tokyo University and obtained a doctorate Huang Xinming, Crystal Dragon Group in 2008 to join the R & D team, following the attention of the Japanese Science and Technology Invention Award and the Office of the crystal growth of Japan Society Prize, presided over construction of single-crystal ingot pilot project.

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