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Solar water heater is water heated by the use of solar energy. Its systems are generally composed of solar thermal collectors, a water storage tank and so on.
Solar collector is designed to collect heat by absorbing sunlight. It is applie...

heat pipe solar water heater

heat pipe solar water heater
Inner tank: SUS 304 2B,Ø370mm
Out tank: color steel, galvanized steel,  stainless steel(304 or 430),Ø470mm
Frame: Galvanized ,Polyester plastic powder electrostatic spraying,stainless steel, aluminium alloy。
Vacuum tube:58×1800mm,SU-SS-ALN/AIN, Hail resistance: 25 mm
heater pipe: Ø14-6-0.6mm,inside of Vacuum tube
Installation Angle:25°、30°、38°、45°
Insulation:high density polyurethane foam,δ50~65mm,72 hours heat preservation 
Working Temp.:-20 to 100 °C
Working pressure:  less than 6 bar
The accessories may choose:control station,magnesium,electrical heater,non return valve,safety valve

1)High pressure, tank can work withstand over 6 bar pressure ,The hydraulic pressure is same as tap water which would make the bathing very comfortable. 
2)With the T/P valve, air vent valve makes the system work very stable and safety. 
3)Flexible install,any place has sunshine
4)High quality,Anti freezing design, no water inside the tubes,each tube works independent,so it still work when some tubes broken.
7)life span: 5years for system/15 years for tube
Minimum order: 1 set
Delivery time:10~15days
Payment terms:T/T(30% deposit,70% against the B/L copy)
Brand:EAMMAR or  OEM 
Models       P01 Solar Vacuum Tube Size(mm)  Qty / sets
A B C (45°) D(45°) 20GP 40GP 40HQ
18 Ø58×1800×18 1650 1350 1550 1670 35 72 80
20 Ø58×1800×20 1800 1500 1550 1670 32 65 70
24 Ø58×1800×24 2100 1800 1550 1670 28 60 65
30 Ø58×1800×30 2550 2250 1550 1670 20 42 44
36 Ø58×1800×36 3000 2700 1550 1670 17 35 38
Add:No. 1,Hongbao Road,Qianjiang Industrial Zone, Haining ,Zhejiang ,China
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