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Solar water heater is water heated by the use of solar energy. Its systems are generally composed of solar thermal collectors, a water storage tank and so on.
Solar collector is designed to collect heat by absorbing sunlight. It is applie...

instant water heater

instant water heater
Product name: Instant heating  pressure solar water heater  with copper coil
Product name: Instant heating  pressure solar water heater  with copper coil
Inner tank: SUS 304 2B(food grade),Ø360mm
Out tank: color steel, galvanized steel,stainless steel(304/430),Ø460mm
Frame: Galvanized ,Polyester plastic powder electrostatic spraying,stainless steel, aluminium alloy
Vacuum tube:47×1500/58×1800mm, Hail resistance: 25 mm
Installation Angle:25°、30°、38°、45°。
Insulation: high density polyurethane foam,δ50~65mm,72 hours heat preservation 。
Copper coiler:for heat exchanging,Ø12mm×35m
Working Temp:  0°C ~ 100 °C。
Working pressure: less than 0.3Mpa
The accessories may choose:water auto feeding tank,electrical heate、Anode magnesium rod、Automatic control instrument。
1)simple desgin,but long time to use and high efficiency
2)The water in Inner container is storage  quantity of heat,and  not Customer used  
3)Customer directly use of water and tap water, hot water directly unicom water pressure and tap water, bathing as more comfortable
4)It work with pressure,but the price much cheaper
5)life span: 5years for system/15 years for tube
Solar Vacuum Tube Size(mm)  Qty / sets
A B C      (45°/38°/30°/25) D  (45°/38°/30°/25) E      (45°/38°/30°/25) 20GP 40GP 40HQ
20 Ø58×1800×20 1700 1600 C      (45°/38°/30°/25) 1670/1520/1300/1150 2100/1950/1700/1600 34 72 84
24 Ø58×1800×24 2000 1900 1550/1700/1840/2000 1670/1520/1300/1150 2100/1950/1700/1600 31 65 77
30 Ø58×1800×30 2450 2350 1550/1700/1840/2000 1670/1520/1300/1150 2100/1950/1700/1600 22 50 58
36 Ø58×1800×36 2900 2800 1550/1700/1840/2000 1670/1520/1300/1150 2100/1950/1700/1600 16 40 43
Minimum order: 1 set
Delivery time:10~15days
Payment terms:T/T(30% deposit,70% against the B/L copy)
Brand:EAMMAR or  OEM 
Add:No. 1,Hongbao Road,Qianjiang Industrial Zone, Haining ,Zhejiang ,China
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