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Air can heat pump response a low carbon economy power reduction

The country's energy consumption and pollution reduction called on a proposed, the air source heat pump enterprise have response, energy saving and emission reduction in play a role model.
A low carbon economy development to promote air source heat pump industry development
I recently from China heat pump of the exhibition GuoXing into that, for positive China's response to the world's climate conference in Copenhagen to reduce the emissions of carbon dioxide call and promise, heat pump in energy conservation and environmental protection and play the role of carbon dioxide emissions and value, coordinate and promote solar heating heat pump industry more harmonious orderly development and better service to the upstream and downstream firms and heat pump user, China since the establishment of the heat pump exhibition held beginning, the real significance far-reaching influence.
The Chinese government for Copenhagen climate change meeting has made important contributions, and promote the international response to climate change historical process. In the contracting party in congress before, the Chinese government announced that by 2020 carbon dioxide emissions per unit of GDP 40% less than in 2005 to 45%, it is a need to pay a great efforts to achieve the goal, fully shows that the Chinese government to future human highly responsible attitude.
Initiative to promote national air source listed in the renewable energy law
Initiative to promote air can water heater on a "energy saving products huimin project" and "home appliance to the country" the scope of the policy
This annual meeting will also HuanZiWei National People's Congress and the state council, the legislative initiatives such as the national legislation and the department rule-making unit, as soon as possible will air source added to the renewable energy law category, encourage and support the heat pump industry, make heat pump industry can carry out earnestly implement the party central committee and the state council on resource conservation and solar geysers environmental protection the major policy decisions, and make the depth of the renewable energy development and utilization get more extensive use and promotion, benefit in the people, and can make the air source heat pump products can enjoy the same treatment with solar energy product, and further promote the heat pump products to the national development and reform commission issued on the "energy saving products huimin engineering" policy and the finance department, the ministry of commerce on the introduction of the "home appliance to the country" policy areas.
"Energy saving products huimin project" is upon the consent of the state council, the ministry of finance and the state development and reform commission organized and implemented will effectively promote high efficiency and energy saving products, greatly improving terminal energy-using products energy efficiency. Specific implementation is the central public finance to the high efficiency and energy saving products production enterprise subsidies, again by solar project system  production enterprise according to the sales price subsidies, consumers will be the ultimate beneficiary beneficiary. In "energy saving products huimin engineering", can effect grade level 1 buy air conditioning, the highest subsidies is 850 yuan. Air source (can) water heater high efficiency and energy saving meet the characteristics of economic principles, such as can enter "energy saving products huimin engineering", can let the general consumer get more affordable.
The ministry of commerce, ministry of finance rolls out "home appliance to the country" list, the countryside in home appliances product standard singled out energy saving, make the home appliance product to become home appliance of energy saving and emission reduction to the country of the pilot and demonstration. The solar energy water heater has been included in the scope of subsidies to the country home appliance policy, enjoy the country, 13% of financial subsidies. May 14, 2009, the ministry of commerce and the ministry of finance on 92 joint publication was listed in the home appliance of solar energy water heater to the country range solar hot water system production factory, the solar energy water heater to start formal countryside activities. In 2010, the water type, gas, solar energy water heater by the original respectively the highest price 1500 yuan, 2500 yuan, 4000 yuan to improve 2500 yuan, 3500 yuan, 5000 yuan.
If can enter the home appliance product catalog to the country, can make domestic production and sales of air source heat pump products direct subsidies from the government, to increase the proportion of the family in China use huge role. More important is, it will help to improve the whole society for this kind of environmental protection and energy saving products understanding, then choose form the idea of saving energy products is preferred.
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