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The development of solar energy industry, mass., encounter

As a solar energy resources use two camps, sunlight and photovoltaic although can say is also started, but experience a completely different development track. Nowadays, the two camps are encountered industry development process of the pain.
Photovoltaic encounter cold, encounter difficult adjustment period
Photovoltaic industry started in of the lowest semiconductor processing technology and products, low technology and mature equipment is easy to imported from abroad, and no limit. But along with the European and American countries for may live the solar geyser energy use of attention, increase the photovoltaic products for the subsidy policy, so far our pv industry was on a "outside the wall blossomming inside the wall sweet" development road. Suntech 2005 U.S. listed, the money poured into the photovoltaic industry, more than 10 home photovoltaic enterprises have overseas listing. Within five years, China has become a global photovoltaic manufacturing first great nation. Time unlimited scenery, daring.
But now of photovoltaic industry is going through a ChangNaWai recounted the situation. Suntech and "d LDK has been to expose" bankruptcy "rumours, though both companies are denied, but from two companies that the center daily news, suntech center daily news net kui 259.5 million us dollars, up slipped 48.4, annulus comparing slipped 912.74; The net loss in the second quarter of LDK d for 87.7 million us dollars, up slipped 294.69, annulus comparing slipped 164.76 home more than a third of the photovoltaic enterprise on the brink of bankruptcy, many places of photovoltaic industry project by local government to stop, the domestic pv industry has become a serious excess capacity is already the case. On the other hand, including Germany, Italy, the Czech republic, the European countries from the beginning of this year by a of the power subsidies, while the three countries of the world in the past photovoltaic installed last year 66.5. This depend hot water heater on government subsidies for February, Germany adjusted the photovoltaic power tariff subsidy scheme, the mid-2011-the power declines according to this year 3-5 month of the year the installed capacity to determine. That year the installed capacity of more than 3.5 GW, every increase 1 GW installed, pv subsidies cut 3; In June, the new policy on Italy photovoltaic clear, original subsidies will further cuts the power of 4-11, begins in June the power will be adjusted on for the unit, is expected by the end of 2011, the power subsidies will decline 26-42; To the Czech republic since 2011 has been built on the income taxes of the 26 photovoltaic power station. But Germany, Italy and the Czech republic of world total installed last year pv nearly 66.5, which has always depended on the government subsidies for the development of photovoltaic enterprise, it took a hit, even GOOGLE also announced interrupted its total investment of $850 million renewable energy business.
At present, the entire photovoltaic industry is nearly a third home solar of the enterprise is on the verge of collapse, the industry will have a difficult period of adjustment.
Gp666b downturn, to be bigger and stronger
Gp666b industry after 30 years development, although have formed a complete industry chain, but its main application or confined to the lowest solar water heater solar product applications. And most of the solar energy water heater is small and medium-sized enterprises, admittance threshold low, product homogeneity is serious, the technical innovation is not strong, mainly concentrated in the vast rural market. So the whole industry is also called "grass industry. Still no a solar energy water heater enterprise success on the market. Even if is the rise of the solar-thermal power generation, and high temperature technology use in has no successful cases.
Since this year, subject to the macroeconomic environment of recession, the causes of deficiency of the purchasing power of consumer market, the traditional solar retail market in the last downturn, even if has a home appliance of countryside policy pulling, the terminal market also is a dry shipment, flagging situation.
And despite the unprecedented in engineering market growth and development opportunities. The next five years 36 million sets of security in the room of the Solar water heater construction, can let the solar energy enterprise share policy bring enormous business opportunities to the red envelopes. But the truth is that part of the enterprise in the operating project experience, no voice, in the midst of a kind of relatively weak position.
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