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Solar water heater is water heated by the use of solar energy. Its systems are generally composed of solar thermal collectors, a water storage tank and so on.
Solar collector is designed to collect heat by absorbing sunlight. It is applie...

Foster and strengthen the new industry to promote the rapid development of the economy

      Since this year, linyi economy and technology development zone makes closely around the city "new industrial demonstration area" this goal, the development of high and new technology industry as "turn way, the structure" of the driving force, increase investment scale expansion, promoting industrial structure upgrade constantly shift, realized the speed of development and improve the economic benefit of synchronization.
      Recently, break the company shandong 8 of the Solar Water Heater newly developed product smoothly through the provincial appraisal, and put into mass production, and it also become the company in 2012, sales income topping 20 billion yuan fist product.
      Proceedings is shandong break to engineering machinery Co., LTD, loaders, director of, senior engineer, he told reporters, shandong break as construction machinery industry leading enterprises, the main products including loaders, excavators four categories, nearly varieties, the year sales broke through ten billion yuan. All these attributed to the independent innovation, he developed recently by the leading LG978 8 of new products such as the main technical performance index is reached domestic top level.
      Proceedings told reporters: "like LG978 this product, Solar Collector  we inherited the break to reliable, energy saving, efficiency, energy saving, we use composite panel rotation system, at the same time use independent cooling system, through the test, reached a high level for the further development of paying job provides a good help."
      Engineering machinery and equipment manufacturing industry, economic and technology development zone has been the key to the development of breakthrough, and occupied the more than half of the finance and tax revenue. The beginning of the year, development zone decided to realize the project in the next three years JiXieYe with an average annual growth rate of 46% of the development goals. In order to achieve this goal, development zone stepped up related enterprise's support, and from the capital, land, etc to tilt, to the enterprise development hassolar energy heater brought an unprecedented opportunity, therefore, shandong purposely break to establish engineering machinery as the core of the diversified products development strategy, and will technology research and development speed as the root of the efficiency, promote enterprise development.
      Proceedings said: "we took every year sales 3% of revenue, used for science and technology, research and development, so that ensure that every year there are 5-6 section new products on the market, shandong province has a 120 break many patent technology to meet customer demand of different products, and expand the market share of the products break."
      Since this year economic and technological development zone to establish high-tech industry as the leading, basic industry, and advanced manufacturing industry for support, and modern service industry to the overall development of industry structure, cultivate the solar hot water development of advanced manufacturing, photoelectric information, biological medicine, new energy and new materials, energy saving and high strategic new industry, have the targeted investment promotion, not less than 25 million yuan a year out for technology innovation, powerful policy support and scientific and effective operation, make a large number of new products, new techniques of fast realized industrialization.
      Shandong China rise long solar technology Co., LTD is economic and technological development zone through the investment, the introduction of a research and development, production efficiency flat collector, enamel tank water tank and new energy products based enterprises. Against these energy products, the company soon took the emperor bright, haier, and other well-known production enterprise of favor, become the enterprise direct suppliers, the products of the company are through these large enterprise directly sold all over the world. The company WangGuang sales manager told reporters, although it is now the company has just founded soon, but the market is good, and this is their lead on in the same profession technical advantage.
      Shandong China rise long solar technology Co., LTD WangGuang sales manager told reporters: "flat collector of energy saving, high efficiency, safety, environmental protection, meet the demand of the solar energy and the building integration, as enamel tank water tank, we mastered the core of the enamel process, this process to make our products and has a long service life, good heat preservation effect, and play a role of purifying water quality."
      By these new industry, the first 10 months of this year, instant water heater the complete business revenue of RMB 46 billion yuan, up by 30%; Complete scale above gross industrial output value 36 billion yuan, up 45%; Fiscal revenue of RMB 1.908 billion yuan, up by 58.38%; The local finance income 775 million yuan, up 78.98%, and complete the total import and export volume was $420 million, up by 65%. Realize the fixed assets investment in eight successive years increasing by an average of 35% finance income increasing by an average of 86% in annual average increase exports by 77%.
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