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Liam China thrusting intelligent power grid industry development

      Shanghai, China, on December 12, 2011-recently, the world famous power sensor manufacturers liam electronic all products with clean energy at the international exhibition (CEW China 2011). Liam China gm ZhangZongHui exhibition held in Mr. heat pipe The 4 th China international conference on intelligent power grid power sensor in intelligent power grid in every link of key equipment applications of the speech.
      The meeting in the Shanghai world expo exhibition center for, by the China electrotechnical society, h&z media, international power industry nets host, mainly by international intelligent power grid peak BBS, (pv) power and system integration technology solar hot water heater seminars, clean energy and green car traffic international summit, international biomass energy industry conference four famous workshops and exhibition held together.
      Liam China as the meeting of the gold medal sponsors, with intelligence of grid, solar photovoltaic and new energy vehicles the electricity use sensors. Liam China gm ZhangZongHui was invited to attend the opening ceremony, and in intelligent solar hot water tanks power grid peak BBS was titled "power sensor in intelligent power grid every link of the application of key equipment" speech, and experts in the field of several big power measurement solutions and new technology communication.
      In intelligent power grid peak BBS, held the electricity industry innovation enterprise 50 strong award  ceremony, liam electronic DHAB series sensors is experts rated 2011 electric power industry innovation product award. To win the prestigious wycombe liam electronic sensors and power measurement solutions have been able to meet the development vacuum tube solar water heater needs of the electric power industry, so more exaltation liam electronics for the electric power industry customers with higher added value determination, thus speeding up the pace of the march to the electric power industry.
      Liam China gm ZhangZongHui in accept "appointment power grid world" interview also said: "smart grid construction and development brings us a lot of opportunity. Both wind and solar power or new energy vehicles and charging station, as power electronic core lyme electronic has unwittingly entered the intelligent power grid in on it. But at the same time,solar home system  this new industry at present no established international or national standard, also requires industry chain each link, and discusses together, put forward demand solutions, which is intelligent power grid is the industry bring us challenge." The market always opportunities and challenges, liam electronic will, as always, for intelligent power grid industry customers with more prefect quality products and solutions and higher value-added products.
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