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Solar water heater is water heated by the use of solar energy. Its systems are generally composed of solar thermal collectors, a water storage tank and so on.
Solar collector is designed to collect heat by absorbing sunlight. It is applie...

Zhang focus on the development of new economic integration involved problems.the zhuolu industry

      "So as to promote three fathers culture as the main line, makes' one river two city 'new urban economy, give priority to with biological engineering of the new industrial economy, mainly in small five sets of mainly develop new ecology tourism economy, to agricultural products mainly logistics park new logistics economy". "1025" period, ZhuoLuXian will Solar Water Heater energetically promote the "first four new" strategy, make effort to adjust the industrial structure, change growth mode and strengthen innovation ability, strive in the ring in the construction of green circle in the capital to take the lead to achieve the "green rise".
      "' three fathers' development is both construction culture culture, but also the key county move my county green circle in the capital construction ring a big brand." Integration involved problems.the zhuolu county wei secretary ChenGang tells the author, the cultural garden three fathers integration involved problems.the zhuolu as our province 30 key cultural industry one of the project, has been listed in the cultural industry in hebei province revitalization plan (2010-2015) ". Next, the county will further promoting cultural tourism projects in the planning, packaging, construction and integration, the yellow emperor city museum, to GongDeBei millions of yuan, the heaven and the earth square, with iata second phase of the altar, the celestial globe seismograph engineering culture industry preparations for the early stages of the project; Actively promote three fathers culture and art center comprehensive development and the most common names account has signed the ancestral temple and project ground; Insist on mining and the publicity, combining to hold high-level on a large scale, and to offer a "three fathers culture" discussion activities, and actively promote zhang ji4 Solar Collector  zhong studio with the great Chinese cast of cooperation, further strengthen the Chinese province Chi three fathers the role of culture research, the real Chinese people at home and abroad for integration involved problems.the zhuolu built land.
The county with "one river two city" (sanggan river, happy new town, grape new town) construction as the key point, around "one river road, three and seven, the seven horizontal" urban development framework, speed up the start sanggan river management, urban planning exhibition hall, "two city" project water, electricity, road and other infrastructure; Actively promote 11 node of the reform and improve the park; Strive to get through shaft road, DongHuanLu next year, dongfeng street and other cities of the branch path. In the construction of the cities, and to pay attention to the mining and reflect the unique "three fathers culture" elements and "the sun according to sanggan river on" the culture brand, show strong culture, to create the make habitant proud, tourists linger, investors want ring Beijing satellite city.
Combined with science and technology achievements and high-level talents hatch park pioneering park, the county vigorously promote new industry parksolar energy heater  construction, consolidating and developing the solar pv, in high-end equipment manufacturing and food processing three big industry, and on the basis of biological engineering for hard to cultivate the to the new industry, ensure that start next year, early five scale. According to new industries demonstration park planning, construction plan QiBuOu, first in water, electricity, road and other basic facilities construction. At the same time there is pointed launched a series of investment promotion activities, the introduction of one to two big scale, high scientific and technological content, demonstration role in driving the strong leading enterprise, make ring capital ShiFanDai high-tech industry.
      Relying on rich ecological resources and next to Beijing location advantage, in Beijing began to integration involved problems.the zhuolu ecological tourism brand. In the development of small wutai mountain, increase the investment promotion efforts, infrastructure construction, strengthen the brand publicity, around Beijing launched the largest primitive forest brand; DongLingShan, west lingshan, an antelope mountain will be based on their respective features, solar hot water creating their brand and a group of high-quality goods attractions. At the same time, take the agricultural science foundation for "mountain, speed up the manor tourism development pace, the next five year plan to build 100 a wine estate of a certain size, form with grape sightseeing. Through the "landscape, chateau and three fathers culture" effective integration, form with three fathers, natural ecological culture to swim swim, agriculture sightseeing tour "trinity" of the unique tourism circle to drive the catering, entertainment, and the related industries, build ring capital area leading tourism name county.
      Depending on the level of road and the resources, ZhangZhuo new expressway and other main line of planning and construction, the county will develop logistics park in agricultural products mainly of new logistics economy, to continue to push forward the instant water heater  new cooperation logistics distribution center project, built the new cooperation group in the county in the north part of north China logistics distribution base; The supply of agricultural products trade logistics center is suing project as a breakthrough, integration of existing transportation, storage, the market and other traditional industry, actively planning professional logistics market, to create the regionalization and integration, multi-function, high efficiency of modern logistics centers, built the largest area of northwest Beijing agricultural products distribution center.
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