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Solar water heater is water heated by the use of solar energy. Its systems are generally composed of solar thermal collectors, a water storage tank and so on.
Solar collector is designed to collect heat by absorbing sunlight. It is applie...

Solar hot water system continue to expand the market space

      In the future, solar water heating system and building integrated technology will become the hot spot of the hardware construction industry. Held recently in shijiazhuang city construction bureau "solar water heating system and building integrated design and application promotion" meeting, determined the 12 layer the following residential building and hospitals, schools, hotels, swimming pool, public bathrooms etc hot water consumption of large, Solar Water Heater must use solar water heating system and building integrated technology decision, and encourage the high-rise residential houses install solar water heating system.
      According to shijiazhuang city construction bureau concerns chief introduction, install solar water heating system prior to the high investment some, but in the long run, using solar electricity and gas than cheaper, more to save energy, and solar energy is renewable energy.
      Facing the increasingly the rise of solar energy water heater, Solar Collector water heater of traditional status be a serious challenge. Along with the solar energy water heater industry mature and market management of more perfect, the solar energy water heater conquered territories of the traditional water heater success coefficient increases.
       Begin from 2003, the solar energy hot water industry have accounted for the whole water heater industry a share of 11.2%, and will still by 20% a year-30% of the high growth rates. China has become the world's largest solar water heater production and marketing power. According to the present rate, within 10 years solar hot water industry will unify water heater market.
      And its energy save electricity, do not use electricity. The global energy shortage is we have to face the trend, and electric water heater is electric converted into heat energy of electric, want to have hot water, inevitable power consumption. At present some manufacturers claim so-called "energy saving 'technology is just improve the heat preservation effect, reduce the heat loss. For the conservation of energy is, how much hot water, inevitable corresponding electric energy consumption, the energy saving effect is actually quite small. Electric water heater, water type takes time, also have leakage the security hidden danger; That is the power of the water heater is too big, power consumption, general residential quarters are loading not the load. And, we may not know, solar energy heater electric fuel system efficiency is not high, the waste is quite obvious; More not know, in our country's energy mainly dependent on coal power, this waste will also bring greenhouse gas emissions, air pollution and so on a series of serious environmental problems. An ordinary electric water heater in the use of energy consumed during the equivalent of 100 kg burning fuel or 125 kilograms of coal, the consumption of energy resources is quite amazing.
      According to estimates, China's more than 300 million family, if every family to switch to solar water heating center, a year can save electricity 2700 degrees, 0.5 yuan per KWH calculation, a year to save electricity costs 1350 yuan, both to save electricity and save money, has not and the safety of sorrow. If 1/5 of the country's family to switch to solar hot water center, solar hot water and the national saving every year the related expenses will be able to reach 80 billion yuan, more than KWH saving 1600, three gorges hydropower station is equivalent to a phase 6 times of generating capacity, but also greatly reducing the harmful material of coal-based a lot.
      As the appreciation of the renminbi, of the price hike in raw materials, the human cost, increase the talents of lack of, inflation unfavorable factors solar industry bring some pressure. However, the country "energy conservation and emission reduction" policy further implement, many governments policy support to the development of the industry, the rural market overall start expanding market space such as the favorable factors driving, the solar energy water heater industry will still maintained a rapid development momentum.
      From overall see solar energy use 15 years or so caninstant water heater save energy costs about 15000 dollars. Smart and rational people won't because few trees and give up the whole forest, so speak some consumers a listen to install solar water heater immediately think of winter, cloudy day to do, we think it is not rational. Besides electricity, coal, gas and other traditional energy is will be more and more small, prices are also constantly beyond people's consumption the bottom line.
      Industry experts bold prediction, gas, electricity and water heater of traditional thinking because of inertia, market capacity will fell sharply, capacity decreases, and solar energy center will enter the central hot water market fast development period.
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