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Solar water heater is water heated by the use of solar energy. Its systems are generally composed of solar thermal collectors, a water storage tank and so on.
Solar collector is designed to collect heat by absorbing sunlight. It is applie...

Solar energy application prospect in high temperature can be period

      The solar energy water heater to join the national electrical appliances to the country since the directory, the state of the support strength increase gradually. "1025" programming also put forward again, to comprehensive development solar thermal utilization industry. People in the industry say, is currently in the low temperature stage--solar thermal utilization areas, the promotion of the water heater in 40 million ㎡, year section coal 8 million tons, 18 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions. If solar thermal utilization of industrialization promotion into warm can stage, every year, the number of energy saving and emission reduction will be at least 10 times more Solar Water Heater data to rapid growth, only with a solar thermal each quarter and more than 8000 tons of coal. From linuo rhett CPC temperature solar energy boiler system completion and "industrial green power plan" gradually be born, not only very good solve the Chinese solar thermal utilization technology of high temperature industry problem, and can also realize the paper, food, tobacco, wood, chemical industry, medicine, textile, plastic and eight industry more than 10% of the energy alternative.
      In the 10 years from linuo rhett celebration, Solar Collector  Shanghai jiaotong university professor WangRuZhu said, from linuo rhett CPC temperature solar energy boiler system perfect can be formed after a complete set technology, in various industries have large scale application. If 10% of the country industrial enterprise use solar energy to retrofit, will at least 5% of the energy consumption and reduce carbon dioxide emissions.
      At the same time, high temperature solar-thermal power solar energy heater  to the solar energy with the existing power grid matching the gender is good, photoelectric conversion rate high, continuous stable power load and power generation capacity, power generation equipment production process of green environmental protection, do not produce any toxic substances and other characteristics, more and more remarkable. By 2016, the global solar energy market of the installation from 2011 in 19.8 GW each year up to 46.8 GW, growth rate of 18.7%, solar hot water including solar thermal power generation market the accumulative total installed 8.6 GW is expected to. With special grade domestic solar energy from linuo rui enterprise in thermoelectric tube technology gradually breakthroughs, domestic solar thermal power will no instant water heater  longer be far away.
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