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The four seasons mu song technology guides solar expansion breaks through the ceiling

      "The solar-thermal, not only the solar energy water heater, still can for industrial and commercial provide hot water for industrial city, provide heating refrigeration solutions, and even power generation lighting. From the current situation of the development of the industry, the solar-thermal industry must break the traditional ideas, from a single energy to the composite energy transition, from civil market to  commercial, industrial, and other comprehensive application expansion, to upgrade from hot water heat. In 2012, the four seasons mu song will through technology upgrades, marketing transformation two big development theme, broke industry development, heat pipe the construction of the dilemma for driving the market and industry sustainable development of comprehensive strength."
      Facing this year since domestic the solar-thermal enterprise encounter with the pressure, Beijing four seasons mu song solar technology Co., LTD. President LiJun held a few days ago in the "god hand in hand, fair dream-eight Chinese space facing the global Chinese solicitation dream" start ceremony, the four seasons mu song in 2012 made the development direction of reading.
      In December of this year, in the national development and reform commission, the ministry of science and technology, ministry of finance, five ministries announced new batch of enterprise technology centers recognized by the country, the four seasons as a domestic the solar-thermal song 'leader in the field of brand, in home the solar-thermal industry development for more than 20 years for the only after the "national enterprise technology center"solar hot water heater  is maintained. New energy industry observers cold leaps points out, "this not only means the four seasons mu song in the solar-thermal areas of technology innovation, and the research and development capacity were by the country, more marked the whole domestic warmth of solar energy industry competition will drive from marketing to upgrade technology driven."
      In recent years, the four seasons mu songs around "technological competitiveness" construction   sudden acceleration. The China enterprise news reporter learns, Australia's commonwealth scientific and industrial research organization's chief research scientists, world coating expert dr Harding, China the father of vacuum tubes, tsinghua university professor YanZhiJiang, solar refrigeration and cryogenic engineering experts, Shanghai jiaotong university professor WangRuZhu, our country heat pipe technology development and application of the Portland trail blazers and founder, Shanghai industrial university professor ZhuangJun, Beijing university of aeronautics YuanWeiXing director of air  conditioning and refrigeration institute, a large number of solar energy in vacuum tubes, heat pipe, high temperature hot water, refrigeration technology, and other aspects of the technology greats, all become four seasons mu song the technical innovation system of the "important think tank."
      At present, the domestic first set of the solar energy air conditioning refrigeration system has been in four seasons mu song lianyungang (601008, shares it)solar hot water tanks  base and is expected to finish debugging put into use, once the market demand growth will appear batch in market sales promotion, this means that the four seasons mu song in the solar energy air conditioning refrigeration of the layout have completed the technical innovation to the market promotion. At the same time, domestic first solar energy heat storage projects in the four seasons in a bathing in luoyang base construction of song, will be in the solar energy light heat energy for vacuum tube solar water heater  our country store open application field first.
      In addition, in the solar energy heat power generation fields, from the ore, high silicon glass tube, boron blank space tube to the water heater of all aspects of industrial layout, the four seasons mu song has finished technology accumulation, product layout, solar home system  construction industry chain, with the from rural areas to cities, from family to commercial industrial market, from heating to heat the comprehensive competitive power refrigeration, is expected to be "1025" leading solar energy light heat industry in China during the transformation of the upgrade.
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